DefenCell Comfort Cleanser, DefenCell Tonic, Sensizyme Liquid Enzyme Peel, Rescue SOS Therapy Serum Intensive, DefenCell Resistance Creme

Dramatically restore sensitized skin, redness, and rosacea, while nourishing and hydrating it for balanced and nourished skin . Enzymes gently refine the skin’s texture to reveal radiant more healthy and balanced skin without the sensitivity. Key peptides contains natural sourced actives to rebuild the barrier function of the skin, calm sensitivity, inflammation, and redness. Fortifies skin against environmental aggressors, and supports recovery with key antiinflammatory actives. Skin will become noticeably soothed, calmer, softer, more hydrated, less red, and more nourished in just a few weeks of use. Anti-aging botanicals continue to reinforce the skin’s structure and strength for perfectly healthy and balanced youthful appearance.

Tip: Add our Clear Defense SPF 45 from our medical line for complete protection.


  • Gently remove impurities from sensitized skin with this anti-inflammatory cleanser which helps to calm and cool irritation. This milk cleanser aids in defending against sensitivity caused by exposure to pollution, a harsh climate and other environmental influences. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.
  • Quenches dehydration and calms irritation to alleviate sensitivity and inflammation.
  • Layering enzyme and peptide solution offers a light refining polish for radiant skin.
  • Alleviates stressed, sensitive or irritable skin by boosting anti-inflammatory processes that supports recovery of the skin barrier.
  • Offers exceptional hydration and skin conditioning benefits to those who experience sensitivity, redness and feelings of tightness. This peptide-rich formula contains a wide range of natural source actives which focus on typical concerns that result from diminished barrier function, environmental aggression and allergenic- prone skin.



Ingredient Highlights:
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