The Emergence Ultimate 5-Step Kit has the same benefits as the Emergence Intro kit, adding powerful lighteners and Tretinone .05% to address moderate signs of aging and photo-damage, with clinically proven ingredients, and benefits seen in as little as a week. Dramatically reverse the signs of aging by; increasing collagen production, providing superior anti-oxidant protection, correcting hyperpigmentation and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

*Please note - For online, we recommend to purchase our Advanced Clear Kit with our Phyto-Fade NoQuinone lightener.


  • Contains 4% Hydroquinone delivered through a proprietary Trans-Epidermal Carrier to lighten skin pigmentation including age spots, freckles, liver spots and corrects uneven skin tone by inhibiting melanin formation.
  • Creates an 8-Fold increase in collagen synthesis and 8x increase in anti-oxidant protection for maximum protection against photo-aging including environmental and UV induced skin damage.
  • Includes a highly potent blend of L-Ascorbic Acid 15%, Tocopherol 1%, Ferulic Acid 0.5% and a breakthrough Octapeptide is intensified with a Dual Trans-Epidermal Carrier.



Ingredient Highlights:
  • Please see individual product pages for ingredient highlights.


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