Beyond Surface Beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your medical products free of harmful ingredients?

Yes, we are part of a green leaf program to make sure our products are free of parabens, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Petrolatum, Propylene Glycol, Cocamide DEA, Prop 65, Formaldehyde, 1-4 Dioxane, Hexelyne Glycol, Decelyne Glycol, Hormones, and Sulfates.

What does D1 and N2 mean on the back of the kits under the product name?

These are your guide on how to use your products. Each product tells you whether it is to be used day or night, and in what order.

What if I don’t want to use the SPF everyday?

You can use any of our creams that are without SPF, but be sure to use a makeup with a full spectrum SPF 30 or 50 in it. Remember to use a SPF lotion on your neck still to protect this area not covered with makeup. When outdoors for an extended period, we recommend you use both to ensure ample protection.

Why can’t I access all the Skin Saint line?

Some of our medical products can not be sold online, and can only be recommended in our clinic with an overseeing physician.

What is your return policy?

We have many products to suit your need. If you are not happy for any reason, simply return any product within 30 days for a store credit. There are no refunds. Be sure to include receipt, email, and reason for return.

Do you recommend a moisturizer on oily/ acne prone skin?

Yes as needed when using more aggressive rejuvenation products, or in the winter months to rebuild the barrier function of the skin.
Our Saint C Revitalizing Repair Cream for daily use.

If my skin is dry / sensitive from acne products, or dry / flaking in general, what do I do?

Our Rescue Recovery Cream is perfect for more compromised skin that is dry, itchy, sensitive, or red from topicals, such as retinoids or acids, or from peels and laser treatments, even harsh weather conditions.

How do I use lighteners?

Lighteners that are non-hydroquinone based can be used year round. Any product containing hydroquinone, can only be used for three months at a time. Then you can switch to alternative lighteners. Hydroquinone should never be used in direct sunlight, and you must always use a minimum of SPF 30 when using lighteners.

My product was working and now I’m feeling imbalanced again?

Weather, cycle, diet, hormones, hydration, stress etc all affect skin so you may need more nourishing products or need to switch to more strong products at different times of the year or even month, depending on your skins demands.

How do I use products that say as directed by a physician?

This is to remind you these are medical grade products, and should be used sparingly or with caution. Also with photosensitizing products such as hydroquinone or Retinoids, you must never use in direct sunlight, and always protect your skin during the day with SPF.

Can lighteners be dangerous long-term?

Lighteners that contain Hydroquinone are only designed to be used for 3 months at a time. Then you can go on alternative lighteners (HQ free). In the summer we recommend alternative lighteners that are non photosensitizing.

When I stop the C+HQ after 3 months, what do I replace it with?

Use CEF+Peptide serum, or Saint C Radiance cream. For a lightener, you can use non hydroquinone lighteners if needed that are not photosensitizing.

Do I apply my serums on damp or dry skin?

Always apply our serums on dry skin, after cleansing and tonic.

Should I wait to apply anything after my Tretinol?

Yes you should wait at least 5 minutes to allow to product to penetrate, before applying any cream or product on top. To help decrease dryness with retinoids, apply our needle-free filler prior on dry skin, and once absorbed, apply your retinoid product.