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Give Your Skin The Attention It Deserves

With the Skin CheckUp™ program you’ll gain access to the best Skin Management Experts™ from the convenience of your office, home, or on the road. Discover clear & youthful skin – no filters needed! Stop guessing what product ingredients you should be looking for, or which facials & lasers treatments you should be scheduling.

Interested in being a Skin Saint™ VIP? To schedule a virtual consultation with The Skin Saint™ herself, please email - an additional fee of $50 will be applied to your purchase.

Say goodbye to clinic waiting rooms, wasted miles, & that growing product graveyard in your cabinet. 

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Virtual Skin Consultations

Using online video conferencing you can meet with one of your Skin Management Experts™ for a 30-minute in-depth virtual skin consultation, just like we do in our clinic! If you’re unable to video conference, we can do a consultation by phone. Prior to your appointment you will submit pictures and submit a Skin Saint™ Questionnaire.

Holly herself has exclusively and thoroughly trained our licensed medical estheticians and laser technicians. From there we will customize a personal protocol for your skin’s needs based on your goals, timeframe, budget, and other extrinsic factors like time of year, location, etc.

For those enrolled in the PerFect Up™ program, we will also make professional facial and laser treatment recommendations that you will be able to access at a clinic near you, in addition to your product recommendations, continue scrolling for details.

Online Skin Saint Questionnaire

Prior to your virtual skin consultation you will receive a link to our online Skin Saint™ Questionnaire. Made up of questions about your lifestyle, skincare habits, and concerns it is meantto help us gather detailed information about the status of your skin and how we can improve it. We will also direct you to take photos of your skin from a few different positions. We ask that if you need to reschedule your consultation, you kindly give us 24 hours notice.

Individualized Skin Analysis

Combining your history, Skin Saint™ Questionnaire answers, goals, and additional information from our virtual face-to-face intake, we will analyze your skin and create a personalized protocol, complete with product recommendations, and step-by-step instructions to meet your individual needs and achieve your individual goals.

Ongoing communication featured in our Step-Up™ and PerFect-Up™ programs will allow you to submit additional photos throughout the year so we can alter your protocol as your skin changes from product use, hormonal cycles, travel, extremes in weather patterns, diet, stress, and more so we can keep your skin at it’s best regardless of season.

Customized Skin Blueprint™

As a PerFect-Up™ member you’ll receive a customized Skin Blueprint™. An in-depth protocol comprised of daily and nightly product recommendations, facial and laser treatments suggestions,proposed lifestyle changes, and a timeline it will take to achieve your goals. Your blueprint will be developed by one of your Skin Management Experts™ after your virtual consultation and skin analysis using our exclusive Skin Management Model™.

You will feel confident understanding your skin in-depth, how to appropriately take care of and monitor your skin, and see a clear path toward moving beyond your challenges and achieving those goals. Clients commonly report noticeable improvements in their skin within two weeks.



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