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Your Guide to SPF and Self-Tanner

Your Guide to SPF and Self-Tanner

It’s hard to believe but summer is right around the corner! I’m gearing up for time out in the sun and even just had an amazing vacation in Florida with my family. While you’re planning your trips to the beach, don’t forget to make sure you have plenty of SPF! However, not all SPF are created equal, so pay close attention so you have fun without the aging, burns, marks, spots, and broken DNA bonds!

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The sun is one of the WORST offenders for prematurely aging skin and SPF is proven to help combat sun damage. It's safe to use for all skin types, ages and ethnicities, and even acne, so NO excuses! Keep reading for tips and tricks for making sunscreen a vital part of your routine. 

Chemical or Physical? 

You likely have noticed there are two types of SPF- physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens sit on top of the skin, rather than absorbing into the skin. It acts like a shield on the surface of your skin and causes less irritation, making it great for sensitive skin types. Chemical sunscreens are used to filter UV rays, converting them into heat and then releasing them from the body. This is a great option if you’re swimming or sweating a lot during the day. Chemical sunscreens need to be applied at least 30 minutes before going into the sun to activate, while physical sunscreens don’t require this!

Tint or Non-Tinted? 

If you’re looking to expedite your skincare routine, consider a tinted SPF like my Pure Physical Tinted SPF 44. This amazing formula is a physical sunscreen that features a moisturizing base with a sheer, universal tint, and is beneficial for most skin types and all ethnicities. That way, you can skip the foundation while still having light coverage and SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. And you’ll have a beautiful glow all day long!

If you prefer a lighter, more matte formulation that is tinted, try Clear Defense Oil-Free Tinted SPF 46. This universally tinted, light-weight formula is great for oily and acne-prone skin. It contains an innovative blend of skin soothing and restoring properties and protects from both UVA and UVB rays. Powerful actives like Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid provide moisture and relief from redness and irritation. All this goodness with a beautiful tint gives you a smooth and even complexion safe from the sun.

Oil-Free Or Moisturizing? 

You may notice that some SPFs are labeled as being oil-free or moisturizing. So, how do you know which is best for you? Oil-free SPF helps balance your skin and prevents an increase in oil while still providing hydration. These formulas are great for oily skin types as they don’t add any oil, they absorb quickly and don’t clog pores. In comparison, moisturizing formulas, like our Physical Defense SPF 47, will give you the benefits of a moisturizer as well as sun protection. They are great for dry skin types as they help the skin retain moisture and keep the skin supple and hydrated. 

Regular or Sport?

Regular sunscreen is great for the average person going outside but what if you’re very active? This is where a sport sunscreen really shines! A sport sunscreen can be applied on wet or dry skin and will keep you protected while you’re living your active, on-the-go lifestyle. These sunscreens will be sweat and water-proof so if you’re an outdoor runner, you’ll definitely want to use a sport SPF. It’s also a great option for children!

Use it Correctly!

SPF is better than no SPF, but make sure you’re using it correctly to get the full benefits, or you could still burn!!

Make sure you’re using a liberal amount! You need to use 2 fingers worth of sunscreen per body part. If you’re using a more liquidy/milky sunscreen, go with three fingers.

Apply it before you go into the sun. Chemical sunscreens will need to be applied at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun so it has time to activate. If you’re using a physical sunscreen, just make sure you have it applied before you go out in the sun!

Sunscreen isn’t a set it and forget it situation! It gets absorbed and water or sweat will rinse it off. This means you need to reapply every 90 minutes and each time you get out of the water.

Bit I Want A Tan!!!

Still want the tan without the risk of burning or sun damage? I’ve got you! My Sun Bum Foaming Self-Tanner will help you rock an amazing, naturally looking tan all year round, anywhere in the world. The formula is buildable and streak-free and completely safe to use all over, including on your face! It develops in 4-6 hours and gives you a long-lasting, natural looking tan without the sun damage. The BEST part, is it doesn’t smell bad like other self-tanning formulas do.  So, keep covered up on sunny days with a cute hat, sunglasses and SPF, since you’re already bronzed and beautiful! 

Stock up!

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