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Desensitizing/ Anti-Redness Products

Desensitizing/ Anti-Redness Products

Dealing with dry, sensitive or inflamed skin can be a challenge. Many products might cause more irritation to your skin, making the issues you’re having even worse. Lucky for you, I’ve designed my Defencell collection of products, which can be the equivalent of topical steroids. This trio of products will soothe your skin from inflammation, provide major hydration and protect your skin from the environment. With regular use, you’ll find that the anti‑inflammatory properties of these products are ten fold and that your skin is benefiting from them in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at my Defencell line!

The Protector: Defencell Cleanser

Using a gentle cleanser will help alleviate irritated or inflamed skin. My Defencell Cleanser is a milk cleanser that removes impurities while calming and cooling. It has the added benefit of defending against sensitivity caused by pollution, a harsh climate and other environmental influences. With continued use you’ll notice reduction of redness, and overall improvement to your skin’s natural barrier and accelerated healing.

Added bonus ‑ it can even remove your eye makeup and it contains no artificial fragrance or color.

The Fortifier: Defencell Tonic

Follow up your cleanser with a calming tonic. Tonics are a bit underrated but I love them because they can help pH balance the skin, can be customized for specific skin care needs at a lower cost, adds an extra cleansing step to your routine, and preps the skin for the next steps. 

My Defencell Tonic quenches dehydrated skin and calms irritation and alleviates dermatitis. It’s fortified with skin defending actives, so it’s great to use daily to protect your skin from the environment. You’ll get moisture and balance your skin’s pH without harsh chemicals, fragrances or added color.

The Protector: Defencell Cream

Lock in all that moisture by finishing off with a nourishing cream. My Defencell Cream helps treat sensitivity, redness and skin tightness with its hydration and skin conditioning benefits. This peptide‑rich formula contains a wide range of natural source actives, which focus on typical concerns that result from diminished barrier function, environmental aggression and allergenic‑prone skin. 

This amazing cream soothes skin and even relieves itching from sunburn, scratches or bug bites, activates the reabsorption of bruises and maintains the skin’s health.

Try Them Yourself!

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