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The Skin Saint’s Guide to Exfoliants & Exfoliation

The Skin Saint’s Guide to Exfoliants & Exfoliation

No matter how good or not so good your skin is, it can always improve with exfoliation. Yes, you must be sure you don’t make it worse by exfoliating too harshly or with the improper exfoliant, or high frequency of use, but that’s where The Skin Saint comes in to help.

There are also different ways to exfoliate ‑ from chemical exfoliants, to mechanical exfoliants, and different delivery systems, to application methods such as toners, pads, serums, and creams. So, let’s take a look at the beautiful medical‑grade exfoliants in my collection!

The Polisher: Dual Glow Exfoliant

Reclaim your glow with the power of my Dual Glow Exfoliant. This lightly textured exfoliating cream features two types of exfoliation ‑ pomegranate enzymes and a eco‑friendly polishing powder. Together they gently remove dead skin cells and refortify the skin. Niacinamide and panthenol restore vitality to the skin, repairing the skin barrier, reducing inflammation and providing moisturization. Soothing botanical oils create a visibly smoother appearance.

  • Gently polished dead cells on the skin’s surface to smooth and brighten for a more radiant complexion
  • Strengthens the skin barrier against harmful environmental agents and fights against damaging pollutants
  • Antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits that hydrate skin as you exfoliate dull skin surface
  • Helps the appearance of acne scars and helps clear breakouts
  • Aids absorption of other skincare products

The Acne Eraser: Triple Action Acne Pads

Fight off acne while exfoliating your skin, with one of the biggest trends in topical application ‑ medical‑grade presoaked pads! These pads act like a toner and are formulated with a unique combination of Salicylic Acid 2%, Glycolic Acid 5% and Lactic Acid 5%. This combination delivers a gentle, micro‑chemical peel to exfoliate and correct problem acne and prevent future breakouts, leaving skin cleaner, clearer and blemish‑free. Helps reduce acne associated redness, irritation and inflammation.

  • Blemish fighting complexes eliminate impurities
  • Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids deliver micro‑peel to stimulate cellular turnover
  • Penetrates deep into pores to regulate sebum production and inhibit acne bacterial growth from within
  • Softens and soothes acne‑prone, inflamed skin while reducing irritation and redness with a botanically infused formula including yeast, horse chestnut, licorice, olive, ivy, burdock and clary sage extracts

Pro tip: Always start slowly with acids. Try 2‑3x a week, and increase from there if no irritation is present. Always apply acids on dry clean skin.

The All‑in‑One: Multi‑Active Cleanser

Want to combine exfoliation with your daily cleanser? This ultra‑nourishing foaming cleanser revitalizes the skin by gently exfoliating away dullness. Organic fruit acids are boosted with antioxidants, humectants and skin conditioning agents which forty, nurture and moisturize. 

  • Contains fruit acids to deep clean and exfoliate at the same time
  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Increases skin’s water absorption capabilities

The Refiner: Glycolic Refining Mousse

Dramatically refine your texture with my Glycold Refining Mousse. Naturally derived from sugar cane, this emollient rich exfoliant contains 15% medical‑grade Alpha Hydroxy Acid to correct visible signs of photoaging including dull, rough skin. Extra‑strength, yet gentle formulation safely and aggressively smooth fine lines and wrinkles while also encouraging natural collagen growth and cell production. This results in younger, healthier skin! 

  • Corrects visible signs of photoaging and regenerates natural collagen growth, helping lines, pores, texture
  • 15% Glycolic Acid immediately smoothes, while a natural botanical polyphenol and moisture rich ingredients increase the skin’s protection against harmful environmental factors
  • Non‑greasy formula works effectively for all skin types

Pro‑tip: Use once a week to start. Then increase to twice a week. Use at night only.

The At‑Home Peel: Glycolic Micro‑Peel Pads

Looking for an at‑home peel? These pads are just what you need! A Micro peel with a 10% glycolic acid at a low pH (3.5), makes this medically and clinically effective at skin rejuvenation. Hydrating peptides and botanical extracts smooth and firm while helping to refine the skin’s texture, pores, lines, and overall appearance. 

  • Gently removes dead cell build up on surface to improve luminosity and even tone
  • Lessens the appearance of fine lines with continued use
  • Can be used as a wash‑off or leave‑on product
  • Helps clear acne breakouts by preventing new breakouts and dissolving existing dead cell plugs in pores

Body Exfoliation 

No reason to limit exfoliation to just your face! Get smooth from head to two with my body products. 

The All‑in‑one Body Beautifier: Reset Body Peel Lotion

Alpha Hydroxy Acids provide immediate moisture and gentle, but medical, exfoliation to treat symptoms associated with severely dry skin conditions, and a dull, scaly texture. Fruit acids help eliminate flakiness as it sloughs away scaly, dry patches. Cactus and yeast extracts and 12% Lactic Acid reduce irritation and provide moisture. Skin is kept smooth and hydrated all day while this combination of ingredients stimulates cellular regeneration. 

The Head to Toe Refiner: Face + Body Peel Prep Pads

These advanced pre‑soaked pads provide easy application while delivering aggressive results through our proprietary Transepidermal delivery system, ensuring optimal delivery of stabilized Retinol and nutrients to targeted areas within the skin. These pads improve the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage (reducing melanin synthesis by 80%), visibly brightening the skin, and help protect it against free radicals, pollutants, and sun damage.

Get Smooth and Glowy!

Ready to try out any of these amazing medical‑grade products? Head over to to find them all there! I know you’ll love them.