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How To Protect Your Skin from aging

How To Protect Your Skin from aging

In my last newsletter I gave you the 411 on how your phone and electronics are aging you. Let’s take things to the next level and dive into HOW to take your skincare to the next level and protect your skin from aging!


We already talked about Vitamin C but other antioxidants like Vitamin E, Retinol and more can keep your skin preserved better than an Egyptian mummy. Did you know Retinol is an antioxidant that turns your cells over - to not just preserve it but actually make them younger? Try my Overnight Facial Complex for amazing anti-aging results.

The ingredients below deliver powerful nutrients to your skin that will protect from the sun, free radicals, pollution, aging and more!

Nutrient IV Therapy

So what’s my favorite way to get skin loving nutrients internally? Nutrient IVs from Cutler Integrative Medicine!

Nutrient IVs are amazing for getting 100% of nutrients into your body FAST, versus oral nutrition in which only about 50% is absorbed. 

It’s great to sit back and relax for over an hour knowing I’m doing something good that will benefit my body AND my skin. 

My personal favorite is their Fountain of Youth IV which is packed with nutrients that will protect my skin from aging, free radicals and more. Plus you’ll also FEEL better from giving your body all of these amazing vitamins and antioxidants. 

Getting an IV once is nice, but don’t forget that long lasting results come with regular maintenance. I try to do one once a week for a series then go down to monthly IVs.

Sunscreen/ Self-Tanner

We told you to use SPF but it’s not enough to use it - you have to use it CORRECTLY! Check out the graphic below for the best way to wear sunscreen to really protect your skin from harmful rays. 

Still want to be bronzed and beautiful without going out in the sun? I’ve got you! My Sun Bum Foaming Self-Tanner will give you a beautiful natural tan without the sun damage. Best of both worlds! You’ll look bomb and your skin will thank you.

Don’t forget you can find all my sunscreens and self-tanner at

Don’t Avoid Quality Skincare!

I see people in my clinic as well as on social media saything they don’t want to use “toxic” skincare products. I have news‑ skincare products aren’t out to kill you!

Especially if you eat fast food, drink alcohol and use toxic makeup ‑ what are you really helping?

TikTok and Instagram like to push the idea that DIY/natural skincare is the way to go. And it works because they’re usually things that are cheap, you already have or are easy to obtain. You know what I’m talking about ‑ videos that say you should use lemon and sugar all over your face. There’s a reason why all of our skincare products aren’t made out of household ingredients and food- because you can react and cause bacterial infections! 

So, PLEASE, if you want what’s best for your skin ‑ The Skin Saint is here to help!

Ready to Protect Your Skin?

Now you know some of the BEST ways to protect your skin from all the evil out there! If you’re interested in any of the products mentioned, head over to Good luck!

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