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Your Phone & Computer Are Aging You!

Your Phone & Computer Are Aging You!

Are you doing everything you can to protect your skin? Did you know environmental exposures can be prematurely aging you? Everything from cell phones and computers to sunlight, free radicals and pollution. I’m sure you’re at least wearing SPF daily, right? But unfortunately, that’s not enough.

Here’s what you need to know! The triple threat we’re about to show you can preserve your skin for years to come.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are the enemy of beauty. They’re unstable molecules that steal electrons from your cells that cause them to malfunction. And they’re all over the place and completely unavoidable! They cause things like brown spots, fine lines & wrinkles, sagging skin, faster aging and lack of elasticity… all the things we work so hard to combat! Although free radicals are everywhere, all hope isn’t lost! You have to know the problem before you can solve it.

So, what can you do to protect your skin?

Use topical antioxidants from medical-grade formulations like those found in my nationally recognized CEF+ Peptide Serum! More anti-aging ingredients at a lower cost than Skin Ceuticals that I used to carry in my clinic! 

Blue Light

As if dealing with free radicals in the environment wasn’t enough, the light from your electronics is aging you too!  I had this theory TEN years ago and I took it to the news stations and they laughed at me - they’re not laughing now! The blue light from computers and cell phones can create skin changes in as little as 60 minutes of exposure leading to premature aging including DNA damage, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. 

My Amplify HA Serum was designed specifically to protect your skin from blue light and other forms of digital pollution including UV radiation and High Energy Visible (HEV) Light. It’s also packed with amazing hydrating properties including Hyaluronic Acid, and snow mushroom extract (400x more hydrating than HA alone!) so you know your skin is getting the best hydrating and skin loving ingredients.


Use a sunblock packed with antioxidants to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays while also protecting from free radicals. This needs no further explanation because we have pounded you over the head with this one!!

Protect Your Skin!

Now you know some key elements to protect your skin from… next we’ll show you how to protect your skin.

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