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Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin

Acne-Prone Sensitive Skin

Having acne‑prone AND sensitive skin can be a challenge to deal with. Many products that treat acne can make your skin feel tight and red when you’re looking for something calm and soothing to relieve discomfort. Skin sensitivity can be caused by many things including allergic reactions, eczema, rosacea or contact dermatitis. Powerful actives in acne‑fighting products can cause dryness and irritation, leading to much frustration when trying to improve your complexion.

I have good news for you though! My Cleari‑Calm Cleanser and Tonic, as well as my Overnight Spot Treatment and Clarity 3‑in‑1 Moisturizer will give your skin the love it needs. These products are perfect for sensitive, breakout prone skin as well as those with acne and rosacea. Instead of irritating, they are gentle, soothing and healing. Keep reading to learn more about these high quality, medical grade products!

The Soother: Clearicalm Cleanser

Soothe and cleanse your skin all in one go. My Cleari‑Calm Clarifying Cleanser is a mild wash that treats inflammation and redness often caused by rosacea, psoriasis or eruptive breakouts. It contains purifying Lilac extract, which regulates hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands and offers anti‑bacterial and anti‑inflammatory benefits. It also smells amazing to help calm all of your senses! 

Using this lovely cleanser regularly will help reduce oil production by 15%, tighten and firm skin and control redness and hyperpigmentation. You can even use it to help maintain an oily scalp!

The Clarifier: Clearicalm Tonic

After cleansing, take the calming effects to the next level with my Cleari‑Calm Tonic. This clarifying astringent toner combats the accumulation of keratinized cells that clog pores and cause breakouts. Grapefruit Extract acts as a mild exfoliating and targets congestion often found in oily, combination skin. 

Water soluble BioSulfur helps regulate hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands while offering antibacterial and anti‑inflammatory benefits. Finally, Niacinamide improves the skin’s barrier function to keep everything running smoothly and to help repair any damage.

The Purifying Hydrator: Clarity 3‑in‑1 Moisturizer

Looking for the perfect moisturizer for blemish‑prone, oily and combination skin? You need Clarity 3‑in‑1 Moisturizer. It hydrates the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or adding extra shine. Antioxidants like Green Tea and Acai protect the skin against free radicals and sun damage. Niacinamide improves enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and dullness within the skin. Three ceramides help to hydrate, replenish and restore the skin, leaving your skin glowy and repaired.

The Acne Killer: Overnight Spot Treatment

Get to acne where it counts with my Overnight Spot Treatment. Dab some of this on your breakouts overnight and you’ll notice a reduced appearance in blemishes in the morning. Precipitated Sulfur has been used as an effective treatment to treat skin conditions including acne rosacea for centuries. Germicidal benefit successfully combats inflamed blemishes and cystic acne. Salicylic acid clears clogged pores while calamine soothes the skin.

Get That Glow!

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