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Laser Treatments for Smaller Pores

Laser Treatments for Smaller Pores

We all want our skin to be as flawless looking as possible and although having large pores is natural, it’s not desirable. Some people have large pores due to genetics but they can also be caused by excess oil, dead skin, dirt, loss of elasticity from aging, sun damage and large hair follicles. But don’t fret, our award‑winning medical spa has a number of lasers that can help shrink those pores down. Let’s take a look at each of them!

Laser Genesis

Want that airbrushed model look in real life? Laser Genesis is just what you need. This incredible laser treatment stimulates the production of collagen and helps reduce pore size by 10% each session. It also improves texture and lines and reduces redness from Rosacea.

  • Candidates have skin texture concerns such as large pores, irregular texture, or redness
  • One treatment will show results but a series of 5‑6 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart is recommended for peak results

Adva TX

Shrink those pores with AdvaTX! This is the world’s most advanced solid‑state yellow vascular laser and the first hybrid laser to incorporate rejuvenation to address a wide range of conditions. It is the gold standard in addressing overactive sebaceous glands and removing the redness in both active acne and acne scars. The 1319 wavelength helps to shrink pores and also helps with other skin conditions.

  • Rebuilds collagen, reduces lines, improves texture, tone, and pore size
  • Little to no pain or downtime, safe for all ages and most skin types
  • Treats acne & acne scars, rosacea, pigmentation, and sun damage
  • 4‑6 sessions spaced 2‑4 weeks apart are recommended for best results


If you’re looking for a peel without chemicals, these two lasers are perfect for you! NanoLaserPeel and MicroLaserPeel resurface the entirety of your skin in just minutes and leave you with a smoother, more even and more radiant complexion. By removing 100% of the top layers of the skin, the skin’s own renewal process is accelerated. After treatment, you’ll see improvement in mild wrinkles, scars, keratosis, sun damage, pigment irregularities, texture, and pore size. 

  • MicroLaserPeel is able to go deeper than NanoLaserPeel to treat fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, scars, acne, keratosis, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, texture, and pore size.
  • Treatment takes 10 minutes and works great with Secret RF or ProFractional Laser
  • Three treatments spaced 3‑4 weeks apart give the best results

Clear + Brilliant

If you’re new to lasers, Clear + Brilliant is a gentle effective laser that is great to dip your toes into the water with. This revolutionary treatment fights the natural effects of aging to improve tone and texture, leaving you with a radiant, youthful glow. See a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenated skin tone and texture. This laser is great for mild scarring, collagen stimulation, and pigmentation, including melasma, and helps shrink pores.

  • A series of 4‑6 treatments yields the best results
  • Compliments other procedures like fillers, other lasers, or Botox
  • The safe fractional laser that treats early signs of aging
  • Treatment takes about 20 minutes


Revitalize aging skin and improve tone and texture with Moxi. It’s perfect for correcting sun damage and aging and leaves you with an amazing glow! Moxi is safe for most skin types and can be used year-round. This laser has minimal downtime, making it great for regular skin maintenance to treat pigmentation & sun damage, uneven skin tone, texture, and large pores.

  • Stimulates collagen to visibly improve skin within one week
  • 3 monthly treatments are recommended
  • Fast treatment with minimal discomfort


Upgrade your skin with Halo, the world’s first hybrid fractional laser. It combines two lasers in one to take off years of damage and reveal your inner glow. This treatment targets sun damage, pigment, fine lines, texture, and pores without the downtime of traditional ablative and fractional lasers. This half-hour procedure has little discomfort but your face will feel the heat for about 1‑3 hours after. It’s worth it though as you’ll see dramatic changes in tone, texture, discoloration, fine lines, pore size and glow!

  • One week of peeling post-treatment
  • See improvement in the first two weeks
  • Results are seen after one treatment

Are You Ready to Shrink Those Pores?

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